About Us

We are passionate about listening to, and pleasing, our clients. What we do for our clients, allows us the opportunity to apply our experience and energies in creative and very meaningful ways. This is largely why we chose to launch a multi-faceted marketing, video production and public relations business. We decided to put into action all we have learned from twenty plus years of  involvement in corporate media sales, marketing, interactive communications, social media, public relations, video and audio production. 

Starting with the premise each client is unique, we consult with you to learn about the type of service and/or event you are seeking. This information allows us to create a comprehensive proposal outlining your specific goals and objectives.  As our client, you will receive a customized, tailored experience perfectly crafted to your needs and budget. 

  • Website Design
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Audio Recordings
Main Services offered:
  • Press & Publicity
  • Public Relations
  • Staging/Lighting
  • Video Production